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If you're getting your hair and makeup done, Expect it to run over time.  –  Little interruptions naturally happen on a wedding day and can add up to being half an hour or an hour behind schedule, Plan ahead and build in an hour of buffer time into your schedule. The absolute worst thing that happens is you end up finishing early and get to enjoy some quite time with your friends. 


Eat a Snack Before You Put Your Dress On – We don’t want any fainting around here! Sometimes weddings get so busy that couples don’t even have time to eat their own dinner, so it’s important to have a snack ahead of time in case you don’t have time to eat later. In fact, you’ll probably be hungry after the wedding is all over too. You can ask the caterer to pack you an extra meal for later so you have something to take back with you to the hotel room. 


Don’t Worry About Time – Really! We'll keep us on schedule as much as possible, but your job is to enjoy your day. If that means things run a little late because you’re having a great time, then don’t worry about it!


Drink Lots of Water – You’re going to be busy and on your feet all day. You don’t want to be dehydrated.


Review Your Dress Bustle – Believe it or not this is one of the biggest “time-sucks” I’ve ever seen at weddings! It’s probably been awhile since you picked up your dress and tried out the bustle. Some dress shops give instructions for the bustle and some don’t. Figuring out a bustle on the day of a wedding can take up to 30 minutes, so try it out beforehand and make sure you know how it works and that a bridesmaid or family member does too. 


Hold Hands During Your Ceremony – This is probably a super weird tip right? Sometimes people forget to tell you these things, but it looks super awkward during your ceremony photos if you are standing 5 feet apart and not touching somehow. To encourage the little giggles, small glances, and romance during the ceremony make sure you hold hands together. 


Ask the Officiant to Move – During your rehearsal or consult ask your officiant to step to the side when they announce your first kiss. Nothing looks worse in photos than the officiant’s face in between your lips. This also applies when it comes time to signing of the marriage license.


Leave a Window/Door way Cleared – We love shooting near window light, so when you are setting up and bringing things into your preparation or getting ready room, keep stuff away from the window/door and that will leave us space to photograph you in some absolutely fantastic lighting. 


Keep the Bouquets in Water – Try to keep your flowers in water for as long as possible. If you do photos beforehand, take them, and then put them back into the water before the ceremony. Nothing kills bouquets faster than holding them for ages before the ceremony and walking down the aisle with wilted flowers. 


Carry Your Bouquets at the Waist – Sometimes when brides and wedding parties walk down the aisle they have a tendency to hold the bouquet really high. When you hold it up by your chest it reflects colors onto your skin that we can’t always fix in photography, plus it makes your bust look bigger. Keep your bouquets held low at the waist so you look slim and amazing. 


Cake Stands – Keep your cake nice and happy by asking the catering staff (or anyone who can help) to remove the cake stand underneath before you cut it. If you have a nice sturdy cake stand you shouldn’t have to worry about it tipping over, but if you have a really fun one sometimes the pressure of a knife can make a mess of the cake and you. 


How to Cut the Cake – If the caterers or the baker don’t tell you how to cut the cake before you dive into it, just ask us! We've seen (and cut) dozens of wedding cakes and we can show you quickly before the moment how to do it correctly.


Get creative with spacing - If you have more or less bridesmaids or groomsmen, let them know to spread out where there are less people, creating extra space in between each person. The side with more attendants should stands closer together. 


 Keep the room clean & remember less is more - More often than not we arrive ready to photograph the preparation photos and end up spending lots of valuable time cleaning up before we can even get started. Throw away trash, hang extra clothes in closets and hide suitcases under the bed. If things are organized we will have more time to work with you and the bridesmaids.  Keep the numbers down, as far as people in the prep room go. It can get a little to cluttered when there are more than just your brides maids, hair/makeup artist and Mum in the room.


Guys Empty your pockets - Cell phones, keys and wallets make for bulging pockets that aren't flattering. Before the ceremony and during bridal party photos, hand these things to a family member to look after. 


Share your creative vision - If you have specific ideas for some of the photos, let us know. For instance, one of our brides had asked us to photograph her jumping on the bed with her bridesmaids, or a specific photo of the bride pinning a boutonniere to her fathers jacket. 


Who are your special people? Unless someone is in your family portraits, or did a reading or gave a toast, we don't know who your favorite Aunty Dian is, who let you sleep in the spear room for a year, while you pursued a career in drama. If it's really important that someone you love makes it into the final delivery of images, make sure to let us know and include those specific people in a shot list or have someone at the wedding point the VIPs out. 



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